Positive and inspiring methodology

with the use of simple and clear

tools provides sustained change.

We think the old saying "keep it simple stupid" has a mission. Most people want development, but do not have time to get acquainted with complicated models. That is why we use simple and theoretically well-founded tools when we help you and your colleagues on the road to becoming a "high performing team".

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For more than 20 years we have been working with tools to help us understand different personality types. Colorful Team Types is inspired by the pioneering work of Carl G. Jung and the type of work of William Moulton Marston. The system gives you accurate feedback on your preferences. This will help you understand yourself and others on the team better.


A bonus is that you get specific tips on how it is wise to communicate with the different types. Have you thought about how you should ask questions to someone with a strong preference for sensing?

Read more about the personality types here.

Through mapping, reflection and practical exercises, we work with you as facilitators and coaches / conversation partners.


We know how important it is to have a well-functioning team when results are to be achieved. Whether it is a sales team, management team or a department that will perform. We have developed the teamtemp  report which gives the team immediate feedback in relation to the five success factors: Psychological safety, Dependability, Structure, Meaning and Influence.


We help you become more aware of how the individual team members are composed together as personality types, and how you should interact with each other in the team. The team's perception of its own efficiency will be the starting point for the team's further work.

Read more about the teams five success factors here.

New book arrived in the house!

The team's five success factors is the book for you who want an easy-to-read book of 129 pages, where you quickly get an insight into what makes a team work well. This is not a heavy academic book. So it fits just as well for you who are part of a team, as for someone who leads a team. Students who want to get a quick introduction to what characterizes a well-functioning team benefit from reading this. And not least those for whom the book was originally written, participants in Teamhuset's courses.


The book addresses the five elements that are the key to a productive team. It is psychological safety, responsibility / dependability, structure and clarity, meaning and influence. The book gives you a little story where you meet a management team in a kindergarten that has some typical team challenges. Then you get a little look back at some known team theories and you are introduced to the five elements that lead to a well-functioning team. Finally, you get a brief overview of some leadership theories that can work in team leadership.


The team's five success factors are written by Olav Kyrre Fjeld. He has more than 20 years of experience as a coach, leader and team coach.


You can buy the book for 285, - in the online store.

"storytelling was good!"

" this is an easy to read book for busy leaders"


English version coming soon! 

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