It is not who is on the team that is

important, but how those who are there

are working together.

Through mapping, reflection and practical exercises, we work with you as facilitators and coaches / interlocutors.


We know how important it is with a well-functioning team when achieving results. Whether it is a sales team, a management team or a department that will perform. We have developed the teamtemp™ report that will give the team an immediate feedback on the five success factors.


We help you become more aware of how the individual team members are tied together as personality types and how you should interact with each other in the team. The team's perception of their own efficiency is the starting point for the team's further work.

The five elements of productive teams


Structure & Clarity



Psychological Safety

Take the teamtemp


Give the team the most valuable feedback they can get.

Become more efficient as a team!

Use The Teamhouse™ to enhance trust, reliability, structure and clarity. Get influence and find meaning.

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