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How should others
communicate with you??

Do the free test and find out!

The people at Team Development International, work with teams and the individuals in the team. We are passionate about helping groups and teams perform as well as possible. We are independent consultants who work together for the best possible result.

Team members want to be in a team with a high degree of psychological safety. They want dependability, structure and clarity and to have impact in the team. A key success factor in a team are when the the individuals find "the" meaning in the work they do.

A team are a living organism. This organism need to understand the individual elements, and what makes this this organism work together. We help the individuals in the team learn about their personality types, by name and color.

This is what we help you and your team understand and do. Who we are, what make us perform together and what our behavior are, when we perform.

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The methodology
is simple

Everyone in the team answers some questions that form the basis for their own report. The report is the basis for self-reflection, and reflection together with the others in the team.

The team itself assesses what action should be implemented, based on the reflection they have done together.

We believe that you are best suited to evaluate how your answer affects you and your team. Therefore, you will not receive a completed "book" about you. You make it yourself, together with us.

The journey starts here!

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course Colorful Teamtypes

to forretningsmenn

A conversation partner who can ask you the questions you do not ask yourself!


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Analyse av dataene

We analyse your team, and help you become the best team you can be!

Jobbe hjemmefra

Two module based courses. One for teams, and one for you!


Sometimes you should be inspired by others!

We believe the old saying "keep it simple stupid" has a mission. Most people want development, but do not have time to get acquainted with complicated models. That is why we use simple and theoretically well-founded tools when we help you and your colleagues on the road to becoming a "high performing team".

We have to make room for understanding and change

For change to happen, learning must take place. The team learns something new when the team members change their theories and concepts about how things are connected, see what leads to what, and adapt their behavior to this.


The team sits on the resources, we need only recall them.

Forretnings Konsultasjon
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For more than 20 years we have been working with tools to help us understand different personality types. Colorful Team Types is inspired by the pioneering work of Carl G. Jung and the type of work of William Moulton Marston. The system gives you accurate feedback on your preferences. This will help you understand yourself and the others on the team better.


The value for your team is that you get specific tips on how it is wise to communicate with the different types. Have you thought about how you should ask questions to someone with a strong preference for sensing?


Read more about the personality types here.

Great that you include us so much in your teaching

Student at the Emergence School of Leadership

Through mapping, reflection and practical exercises, we work with you as facilitators and coaches / conversation partners.


We know how important it is to have a well-functioning team when results are to be achieved. Whether it is a sales team, management team or a department that will perform. We have developed the teamtemp  report which gives the team immediate feedback in relation to the five success factors: Psychological safety, Dependability, Structure, Meaning and Influence.


We help you become more aware of how the individual team members are composed together as personality types, and how you should interact with each other in the team. The team's perception of its own efficiency will be the starting point for the team's further work.

Read more about the teams five success factors here.

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