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Team Development International

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Olav Kyrre Fjeld

Master's degree in customer relationship management

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Olav Kyrre are a senior consultant, founder and owner of the Teamhouse

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Caroline Schanke Monsen

Master's degree in occupational and organizational psychology

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Caroline are an independent consultant at Schanke Monsen Consulting

People Nordic AS is founded and led by Olav Kyrre Fjeld.

He has a bachelor's degree in economics from BI and a master's degree in customer relationship management from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK.


He is a certified coach and has worked as a process supervisor for individuals and teams for more than 20 years.

He has developed the team development tool teamtemp, and the personality test Colorful Team Types.


Olav Kyrre is a sensing Driving Force (EST) who thrives when he can link the subject og he´s work to simple tools that are used, after he has finished his job. He thrives best with groups and is at his ace when he can give engaging lectures.

Caroline's interest in psychology began in 2011 with an introductory course at Harvard Extension School in Boston. She later specialized in occupational and organizational psychology with a master's degree from the University of Bergen.


Caroline is genuinely interested in development at team and individual level, and is currently studying. modern project management.


She holds workshops / lectures where theory and exercises focus on communication, feedback, culture and psychological safety.


Caroline is an Intuitive Team Player (ENF)

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