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For those who work with the development of people and teams

Møterom Business

Colorful Teamtypes

Sign up for a two-day certification course in Colorful Team Types!


Gain insight into the theoretical basis

Get handy tools to help you apply the system


The next course is September 28th - 29th in Oslo


Create a well-functioning team!

Sign up for the day course that gives you access to use the team development model Teamhuset.


Get the theoretical basis and structure of the system.

Gain insight into the team temp report which is the team's perception of itself.



The next course is September 30th

in Oslo

Are you a consultant?

Like to have new tools in your teamwork?

Are you an independent consultant who wants practical tools that can give you and your customers better results?


Do you work with development internally in your business and need tools that can help teams perform better?


The certification course in Colorful Team Types gives you two days of professional replenishment that you can use to work with raising awareness about personality types and practical use of the Colorful Team Types system.

Build on a day 3, where you learn about what makes a team work well. You will learn how to use the teamtemp report to create change in the team.


On the certification cource, you get a structured introduction to the Team House model, about Colorful Team Types and about the teamtemp Survey.


We make it practical and fun!

What do you get as certified?

You get access to the teamtemp™ survey

You can access the colorful teamtype tool

You become part of our network

You are invited to our seminars

We keep you up to date on relevant material

Need help?

As a certified Teamhouse practitioner, you are one of our important partners. You have shown us your trust by choosing the Teamhouse as one of your tools, and we have given you our trust by equipping you with one of our tools.


We are here for you and will help you when you have questions.

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