The team types

"I am not what happened to me,
I am what I choose

to become."

- Carl Gustav Jung

Become aware of yourself and your preferences.

Get better at communicating with the others on the team.

Get better at interacting with the others on the team.

Get a common language and framework that improves communication.


Inspired by the work of Carl Gustav Jung and William Moulton Marston, we have developed Colorful Team Types. That means we apply a theoretical framework that is well proven, and that we know works.


We have chosen to use Carl G. Jung's typology where we look at three pairs with preferences. These preference pairs are Introversion - Extroversion, Thinking - Feeling and Sensing - Intuition. We put together two of the pairs and get four main types where each of these gets two facets, which is the last preference pair.


We believe in a methodology where you are able to reflect and ask good questions about yourself and your own development.


The language we use is so simple that you remember it. The methodology has been tried, tested and used by the most well-known organizations in the world.


For many years, tools have been developed to help employees understand themselves and the others in the team or organization better. Relationships between manager and employee have improved, teams have become better at working together, salespeople have gained more momentum in sales and entire organizations have gained a language that helps them in a hectic everyday life.


A key tool on the road to understanding oneself and others is the Colorful Team Types report. We dare say that no other preference tool gives you such an entrance to the understanding of you.


If you want to know how others perceive you, you can use the 360 ​​report (it is included). This is a tool that can be used all the way around as a 360 degree feedback.

The Colorful Team Type model

In the Teamtype model you will find eight different types. What makes you one of these eight types is a result based on Carl G. Jung's pioneering work on typologies and William Marston Moulton's work on types. The model could have been made much more complicated. But it does not serve the purpose. We want to work with tools that are easy to understand. Then you will spend less time understanding the model, and more time finding good solutions for you.


After answering some questions on the team house's team type evaluator, we produce your personal report. You can get it in three parts:

  • Part 1 is your individual response to yourself. This one is always included.

  • Part 2 is the team's overall answer. This is included when a team do a workshop together.

  • Part 3 is how your colleagues perceive your preferences. This is included if the team wants this feedback.


Contact us to hear how we can work together so  the team become more aware of each other's preferences and types.

My preferences in color!
My position in the model!
How the others perceive me!

The team type report gives you what you need, to get to know yourself better!

We are all different, and we have some commonalities. One is no better than the other.
Move the pointer over the figures below to see if you recognize yourself.

Experience the magic when you see how the differences

make you a better team!

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