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e-learning course

Learn about personality types and you!

Colorful Team Types have been developed by Olav Kyrre Fjeld at Teamhuset. With more than 25 years of experience in the field, as a leader and coach, together with groups and teams, we have learned from what we have experienced. Perhaps the most important thing we have learned is the importance of understanding why you are the way you are, and not just that "that's the way you are".


If you want to work in a team, self awareness is crucial for understanding others. When you understand the others, and the others understand you, you lay the foundation for good psychological safety in the team. And it can help you become a "high performing team".


In this course you will learn about how you are screwed together as a type. It is a course with a nice mix of theory and practice. You  Colorful Team Type report are included and you learn:


- About personality features and types

- What makes you the type of person you are

- How to communicate and interact with different types

- What your preferences can mean for you as a member of the team


Much of the learning is your reflection. We believe that you are sitting on valuable resources that allow you to find out for yourself why things are as they are, and will be as they are. You will spend some time studying your answers and what they mean to you, and your team.


Today's business community is concerned with self-management, psychological safety and Growth Mindset, to name a few. This course is the start of the journey to a better understanding of yourself, which can help you develop a Growth Mindset and lay the foundation for psychological safety.

You can read more about personality types and the Team type report here.

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