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Become the best team, even from a distance!

How to maintain a well-functioning team and become the Team House you want to be!

There are many who experience a challenging time as a distance worker. We think it does not have to be that difficult. Much depends on how you decide it to be. As a leader, you must maintain a well-functioning team, as an employee you must participate in the collective work and contribute to the team performing.


In the web course "How to maintain a well-functioning team", we look at the five areas that were ranked as most important in Google's Aristotle project, where they examined 180 teams to find out what the most well-functioning teams did. The course is divided into five parts, with an extra Q&A session at the end. The angle of this course is how to achieve this as a distance employee / leader.


The course can be completed internally if desired.


Module 1 - 2h: Introduction, team background

and psychological safety in the team



Module 2 - 1,5h : To be mutually dependent on each other

for goal achievement and reliability

Module 3 - 1,5h: How to maintain and use

structure and clarity in the team



Module 4 - 1,5h: Do you have a meaning for what you do? Why do you do what you do, where you do it? How to use your meaning/ purpose to go to work "at home" as motivation

Module 5 - 2h:  How you can influence the direction and content of your teamwork through Teams / Zoom?

Completion of the course.


EXTRA Q&A SESSION. We have a separate session between each module where you can ask all the questions you want. Completely free for you who participate in the web course "How to maintain a well-functioning team".

Price for the first 10 who sign up is 5 900, - incl VAT.


You can pay the full amount upon registration, or 2,950 x 2 months.


All courses run on Tuesdays starting at 13:00. There are two weeks between each module.


Next start on March 16 at 13:00


All modules including Q&A will be taken up and will be available on our learning portal.

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