What we do at the Teamhouse

For more than 20 years we have worked with teams. Our mission is to help groups that work together to work as optimally as possible. Experience suggests that when we are good at work, we do more. Most employees want to be with colleagues they are comfortable with and can trust. Open, honest and clear communication is important. When we also find meaning in what we do and experience that we are listened to in the team, we are in the middle of what is absolutely central to an effective team.


The Teamhouse is a model that builds on research on what makes a team work well and efficiently. A perhaps surprising finding in research about what makes a team effective is that it is not who is in the team that is crucial to efficiency. What matters is how those who work in the team ,work together.


The areas employees in more than 180 teams ranked as most important in terms of being able to work well together were:


  • Psychological safety: That members can speak openly and honestly without fearing comments.

  • Reliability: The members can trust each other. Everyone takes responsibility and makes each other accountable.

  • Structure and Clarity: Knowing the team's goals and their own goals, and that messages are communicating clearly to everyone.

  • Meaning: Members find a meaning for what they do in their work.

  • Influence: Being able to influence one's own and the group's work and direction. All members listen and are mentally present when communicating. Everyone should have an experience of having equal time on the "stage" when the working day is over.


We work with these five elements in the Teamhouse. To best help the team to a more efficient everyday life, we have developed an online team evaluator with questions linked to the five elements we've told about. Here the team gets a status on how the group perceives itself. How good or bad we are on the five team elements. This is team evaluation that provides the same insight about the group that we can offer individual members through Insights Discovery or Colorful Team Types, or by using other preference-based personal profiles. But now with the team as a starting point.


The next step is to gather the team for a day where we first go through the theoretical backdrop around the five elements. We look at the results, discuss and look ahead. The team will agree on the road together. This is an interactive process where everyone will be aware of each other's perception of the team.

Add the team types in your team

  • How can the four colors best communicate and interact with the team?

  • How are the preferences of the various team members tied together?

  • How does that affect the team?

  • Will the different colors have different behaviors and expectations in the five teamhouse elements?

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