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We believe that there should be a combination between theory and active participation. As a course participant, you must understand why, and you must take an active part in the course to get a good return.

Coaching is about helping someone from where they are now to a new place. It is you who decides where you are going and how to get there, but we help you find out where and how by following a coaching process.

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Team coaching

When we start a team coaching process, we start by making a diagnosis of what it looks like today. We do this regardless of what the team wants help with. Then we meet with the team to work with:


The goal: Where does the team want to be in 1, 3, 5, or 10 years ahead? Experience has shown that the goal setting process can be the one that takes the longest time. We must ensure that the team finds out what is important.

Visualize: What does it look like when we have reached the goal? The team must imagine what it actually is like when the goal is reached. It helps everyone to connect with the goal and feel the joy of being there. This is fun and for some a little difficult.

Activity: This section is about the actual activities the team needs to do to reach the goal. There is often some discussion about activities and priorities. An important part of the work!

Resources: Here we talk about the human resources the team has available. Both in the team and outside.


A team coaching process can be short and effective, or it can take time. We are involved as process supervisors and sparring partners. No processes are exactly alike, so get in touch for more information.

1-1 coaching

A 1-1 coaching process follows the same steps as in a team coaching process. From experience, we spend less time on diagnosis, but all the more time on finding the goal. Useful tools in the process are your Colorful Team Type report. The report gives you a thorough feedback in relation to how you see yourself. The report often becomes a natural support in the process.

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