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Whether it is to be a serious professional lecture, or a lecture that will only create enthusiasm and excitement, we can give you what you want!

Communication and Interaction

This has become a classic. Here we talk about what makes us different and how we can notice it in the workplace. We explain the biggest differences between personality types and what you can do to get closer to each other. Are you the Driving Force, Team Player, Value Driver or a Considerer? You will get an intro to this at this lecture with Olav Kyrre.


Time: from 45 min to 1:30 minutes

How to be a well-functioning team in the corona era?

This is a highly topical issue. In this lecture, we talk about what you can do to maintain a well-functioning team in the midst of the pandemic. We look at what you can do in these areas:


  • Psychological safety

  • To be mutually dependent on each other

  • The importance of structure and clarity

  • To find meaning with what you do

  • To have Impact in the team


These are five areas that characterize "High Performing Teams". This is interesting, important and engaging.


Time: from 45 min to 1:30 minutes

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